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To Our Valued Users and Visitors,

We at serviceclientbe hold your confidentiality and safety in high regard. This Privacy Statement delineates the methods and reasons for collecting your personal information during your interaction with our website ( We urge you to scrutinize the below clauses.

1. Types of Collected Information

  • Identifiable Information: Personal particulars such as names, email IDs, and contact numbers are gathered solely when volunteered by you.
  • User Metrics: Non-personalized information like your IP address, the kind of browser you use, the pages you visit, and the time you spend on them are collected.

2. Utilization of Collected Data

  • We employ your personal details for the purposes of customer relations, service enhancement, and legal compliance.
  • User metrics are analyzed to improve user engagement and assess website performance.

3. Sharing with Third Parties

  • We will not divulge your personal data to external entities unless required by law or if you’ve provided clear authorization.

4. Safeguarding Your Data

  • We ensure the security of your information via best-practice protection measures and encryption technologies.

5. Minors and Children

  • Our website is not intended for individuals younger than 18, and we consciously refrain from gathering their data.

6. Duration of Data Retention

  • Your personal data is held for either the statutory retention timeframe or as long as necessary for the processing objectives.

7. Modifications to This Statement

This Privacy Statement may be amended from time to time. The date of the latest revision will be announced on this webpage.

8. Queries and Information Requests

If you have any inquiries, remarks, or requests about this Privacy Statement or how we handle data, feel free to reach out at [email protected].


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